Growth Energy Offers Retailers Complimentary American Ethanol Station Kits

WASHINGTON, DC – As more American consumers learn the benefits of ethanol – from cleaning the air to creating jobs – more retailers are opting to market American Ethanol as the more-affordable, homegrown and renewable fuel alternative to foreign oil.

Growth Energy is assisting retailers in those marketing efforts with the launch today of a new program aimed at providing complimentary American Ethanol station kits to interested retailers. The complimentary kit includes American Ethanol-branded materials, such as:

  • Pump topper,
  • Nozzle talkers,
  • Decals to educate motorists on mid-level ethanol blends; and
  • The new E15 label recently approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as well as E85 labels for Flex Fuel vehicles.

Interested retailers and NYSERDA applicants can request a kit by visiting the Growth Energy online store and clicking on the “FREE Amer. Ethanol Station Kit” tab. The kit also contains a brochure holder that includes literature to educate station customers about ethanol blends and details on how their fuel is strengthening America’s energy security, economy and environment.

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis said, “American Ethanol’s partnership with NASCAR provides unique visibility for ethanol blends. We are pleased to offer these station kits to retailers to provide consumers with the same fuel that their favorite NASCAR drivers use on the track.”

Retailers can check out the store at or send Growth Energy Market Development Coordinator Sara Courter an email at


About Growth Energy

Growth Energy represents the producers and supporters of ethanol who feed the world and fuel America in ways that achieve energy independence, improve economic well-being and create a healthier environment for all Americans now.