Growth Energy Adds Three New Plant Members From Indiana and South Dakota

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy, the leading coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, today welcomed three new ethanol plants as members, bringing Plant Membership to 72, with another 55 Associate Members. Joining Growth Energy are two plants, ABE-Huron and ABE-Aberdeen, operated by Advanced Bio-Energy, LLC, as well as a plant operated by Iroquois Bio-Energy Co. (IBEC).

“Growth Energy is a coalition of ethanol supporters – from farmers to ethanol producers to clean-air advocates – dedicated toward American energy independence. In just a few years, Growth Energy has established itself as the leading voice for the industry. With the addition of these members we are expanding our ability to engage and educate the public, the press and policymakers about the real benefits of American ethanol,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis.

The ABE-Huron plant is located in South Dakota and produces 32 million gallons of ethanol per year. The plant has dual rail access via the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern (DM&E) and BNSF railroads. The facility also produces and distributes both wet and dry distiller’s grains.

ABE-Aberdeen, located in northeast South Dakota in the James River Valley, is a 55 million gallon per year production capacity plant that began grinding corn on January 10, 2008. The additional rail capacity constructed at the site allows for shipments of unit trains of ethanol and Distillers Dried Grain with Solubles (DDGS).

“The potential for ethanol is only just being realized and we at Advanced BioEnergy are proud to be a part of Growth Energy to help accelerate innovation and development within the renewable fuels industry,” said Richard Peterson, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced BioEnergy LLC. “We have seen the important work that Growth Energy has done on behalf of the industry, including their efforts to open the fuels market to higher level blends, and we look forward to working with them to expand ethanol demand throughout the country.”

Iroquois Bio-Energy Co. (IBEC) operates a 40 million gallon per year dry mill ethanol plant near Rensselaer, Indiana in Jasper Co. IBEC began operations in January 2007 and will processes approximately 16.5 million bushels of corn annually. Additionally, the plant produces 125,000 tons of high quality DDGS, corn syrup, and corn oil.

“We are excited to join Growth Energy’s growing network of plants and associates to help communicate to the public the many benefits of ethanol,” said Gunner Greene, Chief Operating Officer of IBEC. “We share Growth Energy’s vision and we look forward to working with them to achieve greater economic and energy security through the increased use of ethanol.”


About Growth Energy
Growth Energy represents the producers and supporters of ethanol who feed the world and fuel America in ways that achieve energy independence, improve economic well-being and create a healthier environment for all Americans now.