Growth Energy: E15 Most Tested Fuel in History, Will Benefit America

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, released the following statement in response to a letter sent by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson criticizing efforts to increase the blend of ethanol in our nation’s fuel supply to 15 percent (E15).

The letter, which includes comments from select automakers, was sent in advance of Thursday’s Science, Space, and Technology Committee’s Energy and Environment Subcommittee Hearing on E15.

“The EPA’s decision to approve the use of E15 in cars 2001 and newer was based on data collected from a rigorous, lengthy and extreme standard of testing on performance of engines, emissions systems and automobile drivability. In fact, no other fuel mix has been tested more, and it is absurd to claim that E15 could harm vehicles approved by EPA,” Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis said.

“Having been unable to dispute the overwhelming science in favor of E15, some critics are now turning toward cheap scare tactics to turn American consumers against E15. We are confident that the facts of the matter will win out, and that American motorists will chose a home-grown, renewable fuel that reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, keeps the price of gasoline down and cleans our environment.”