Growth Energy Applauds Lugar Proposal to Break America’s Foreign Oil Dependence

WASHINGTON, DC – A new proposal from Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) that promotes the use of alternative fuel vehicles will help break America’s foreign oil dependence, according to a statement released today by Growth Energy, the leading voice of ethanol supporters.

Sen. Lugar’s Practical Energy Plan aims to reduce American dependence on foreign oil by 50 percent and save American families and businesses $33 billion annually by maximizing fuel efficiency, increasing the use of domestically produced renewable fuels and encouraging the development of dual-use vehicles which run on alternative fuels, like ethanol.

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis said, “We commend Senator Lugar for his leadership on this issue. If we are truly going to meet our nation’s renewable fuel goals and substantially reduce our dependence on foreign oil, we need to invest in policies like these that will encourage greater use of alternative fuels, like ethanol. Each additional Flex-Fuel vehicle on the road gives consumers the option of filling up with domestic, homegrown renewable fuel and enhances our national security, all while creating U.S. jobs and greening our environment.”