Senate Votes to Keep OPEC in Charge of US Economy

Washington – Following a vote by the U.S. Senate to adopt an amendment that would immediately repeal tax policy in support of renewable, domestic fuels, Growth Energy, the leading voice of ethanol supporters, issued the following statement:

“Ironically, the United States Senate has spent the better part of a week on an amendment that is unconstitutional and going nowhere, even while the news pours in that OPEC has hit a high-water mark of $1 trillion in revenues,” Tom Buis, Growth Energy CEO, said.

“The Senate missed an enormous opportunity to take real action on deficit reduction and energy policy when it failed to put oil subsidies and giveaways to the same test as ethanol. Instead, senators turned a blind eye to the hidden costs of oil, and chose to waste time on an amendment that can be tossed out on constitutional test.”