Growth Energy Supports Engel Amendment

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy, the leading voice for U.S. ethanol supporters, released the following statement in support of the amendment offered by US Rep. Eliot Engel, that was added to the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill. The amendment codifies the Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet Performance issued by President Obama, requiring all new light duty vehicles in the federal fleet to be alternate fuel vehicles, such as hybrid, electric, natural gas, or biofuel, by 2015. This amendment will ensure that Department of Homeland Security funds will be used in accord with the President’s Memorandum.

“This amendment will help American break its addiction to foreign oil by promoting the use of domestically produced alternative fuels like ethanol in the federal automotive fleet,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “Making this switch to alternative fuels is critical for our nation’s economy and national security. Switching to ethanol is the best way to transition our nation’s vehicles away from foreign oil, as ethanol is the only commercially-viable alternative we have today.”