Growth Energy Responds to House Energy Working Group Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy, the leading voice for U.S. ethanol supporters, released the following statement in response to an energy bill introduced by the House Energy Working Group today that would help our nation wean itself off imported oil by investing in policies to promote the use of clean, alternative fuels like ethanol.

“The members of the Bipartisan Energy Working Group should be commended for their leadership on this important issue. As we have said before, to address our nation’s energy crisis, we must consider every option on the table. A commitment to invest in renewable fuel infrastructure like Flex Fuel pumps and Flex Fuel vehicles, which will give consumers access to fuels other than oil, is essential to securing our economic and energy future,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis.

“At a time of near-record gas prices and continued volatility in world oil markets, America’s growing production of domestic alternative energy sources, like ethanol, is creating jobs, keeping gasoline prices down, and reducing our nation’s dependence on imported oil. The proposal announced today by Tim Waltz (D-Minn.) would ensure that we continue to invest in the clean, American fuels that will help us reach our nation’s energy independence goals.”