Growth Energy Statement on Court Decision on EPA RFS Rule

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis issued the following statement regarding the D.C. Court of Appeals decision today to maintain changes by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the federal Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2).

“This is an important legal development that upholds a critical pillar of a national energy policy that is intended to wean the United States off of foreign sources of fossil fuels. The Renewable Fuel Standard was adopted by Congress as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act – the two most important words there being “independence” and “security.” We intervened because we believe that EPA’s decision regarding the mandated volume of domestic renewable fuels furthers the intent of Congress. There is no question that, as the only viable alternative to foreign oil we have today, ethanol helps create U.S. jobs, cleans the environment, and strengthens our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”