Growth Energy Helps Michigan Retailers Install State’s 2nd and 3rd blender pumps

WASHINGTON, DC –Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, has partnered with Cooperative Elevator Co. and Ignash Petroleum, Inc. to install Michigan’s second and third blender pumps.

The Cooperative Elevator pump will be installed in Sebewaing on Monday, November 8 and the Ignash pump was previously installed in Elkton on Thursday, October 28. The pumps, which offer varying blends of E30, E40, E50 and E85, will be installed with assistance from Growth Energy’s 2010 E85 and Blender Pump Program.

“It’s always exciting to help a retailer install a blender pump at their stations,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “Every blender pump we install gives consumers the option of filling up with clean, renewable ethanol to create a more secure energy future for this country.”

To celebrate the installations, Cooperative Elevator Co. and Ignash Petroleum will both hold open houses on Friday, November 10. Cooperative Elevator will hold its opening at 10:30am CDT at the Sebewaing station located at 969 E. Pine St., and Ignash Petroleum’s opening will be held at 1:30pm CDT at Elkton’s One Stop Shop, located on 5083 Whalen St.

Cooperative Elevator Co. and Igansh Petroleum, Inc. have become part of Growth Energy’s 2010 E85 and Blender Pump Program, offering funds to retailers for the alternative fuel infrastructure. Growth Energy provided $5,000 to both stations to install their blender pumps.
“We want to continue to support ethanol based fuels and are very grateful to Growth Energy for the financial assistance they gave us to expand and service our community,” said Tim Sielaff, V.P. of Petroleum for Cooperative Elevator Co.

Charlotte Ignash, VP of Ignash Petroleum said, “We are very excited about offering E85, E50 and E30 at our station in Elkton. We thoroughly appreciate all the assistance that we have received from Growth Energy. They have not only assisted us financially but have also assisted us with education on ethanol.”

Both retailers said their companies decided to sell mid level blends in order to give consumers greater access to domestically produced renewable fuel.

“We want to give our customers choices other than E85 and no-lead, support our members markets, become more environmentally friendly, and accommodate the flex fuel vehicles,” said Sielaff

Ignash added, “We think that it is important to support renewable fuel and especially to support our local economy. By offering blends of E30, E50 and E85 we are giving people more options.”
To date, Growth Energy has helped install more than 90 E85 and blender pumps across the country through their grant program. To find a listing of all pump sites throughout Michigan and across the nation, go to
For more information on the 2010 Growth Energy E85 and Blender Pump Grant Program, contact the Growth Energy Market Development office at 402-932-0567, ext 211 or at

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