Growth Energy Partners to Open Blender Pumps in Kensington and Kirwin

WASHINGTON, DC — Growth Energy has joined forces with Pro Ag Marketing to install two blender pumps in Kirwin and Kensington, Kan. The Kirwin Blender pump station, branded Pro Ag Marketing, is located at 222 NE 4th St and the Kensington facility, named Corner Corral Cenex, is located at 108 U.S. 36.

On Friday, August 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, Growth Energy member plant Prairie Horizon will sponsor a grand opening event at the Corner Corral Cenex. State Sen. Janis Lee and Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Josh Svalty will be in attendance and speakers will include Steve Seabrook from POET Ethanol Products and Mike Erhart, General Manager of Prairie Horizon.

“We are proud to help Pro Ag Marketing provide Kansans with greater access to mid and high level blends of ethanol,” said CEO of Growth Energy, Tom Buis. “Fuel dispensing equipment that can deliver higher blends of ethanol will help make our country more energy independent and more secure, all while giving consumers a choice at the pump that includes domestic, renewable ethanol.”

James Jirak, General Manager of Pro Ag Marketing and station owner said, “Selling ethanol blended fuels in our communities makes sense, as there is great synergy between what we do in producing the crops that are used in making ethanol and putting that ethanol fuel right back into our cars and trucks that we use every day. In a way, we are supporting our own local economy as we create demand for our crops by using ethanol. I would highly recommend getting in contact with Growth Energy if you are working on a project to install E85 or blender pumps at your fueling locations.”

Promotions held during Friday’s grand opening will include discounts on the ethanol blended fuels: E85 for 85 cents per gallon and 25 cents discounts on E10, E20 and E30. The station will also host a live radio remote and free giveaways including hats and t-shirts. Lunch will be provided.

“As an ethanol plant, blender pump infrastructure further promotes ethanol as America’s fuel,” said General Manager of Prairie Horizon, Mike Erhart. “It’s homegrown, lessens our dependence on foreign oil, is cleaner, greener, better for the environment and reaps all the benefits of supporting our local communities.”

The new pumps installed will bring the total number of blender pumps in the state to 14. The blender pumps were also provided funding from the Kansas Corn Commission.


About Growth Energy
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