Ohio Ethanol Supporters: America Needs an Energy Bill that Supports Ohio Ethanol

COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio ethanol supporters are asking federal lawmakers to include support for domestic ethanol in any Congressional debate over clean energy and job creation. In an appearance today at the Ohio statehouse, Governor Ted Strickland joined Growth Energy member Mark Borer and Ohio Corn Growers Association CEO Dwayne Siekman for a press conference to highlight the facts about Ohio ethanol: it creates local jobs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and strengthens national security.

“Ohio has the natural resources and industrial base to be a leader in biofuels,” Governor Strickland said. “Increasing investments in ethanol production is a win-win for Ohio because it creates jobs while decreasing our dependence on foreign sources of oil.”

“Corn growers believe a strong commitment to domestic energy production can supply the nation’s thirst for dependable, safe and abundant energy. The country already has one dependable and safe energy product that will help us reach the nation’s domestic energy goals. Ethanol is here, ethanol is now and ethanol is part of our future,” said Ohio Corn Growers Association CEO Dwayne Siekman.

” By producing over 420 million gallons of ethanol and 1.2 million tons of distiller’s grain per year, Ohio’s ethanol industry has shown it has a positive impact on local communities. Yet, we can accomplish so much more if federal policy will support domestic ethanol. Congress needs to make expanding the production and consumption of our own renewable, clean burning fuel a priority,” said Ohio Ethanol Producers President and Growth Energy member Mark Borer.

Throughout the July recess, ethanol supporters – from Ohio ethanol plants to the more than 18,000 members of Growth Force – will be reaching out to their federal representatives to communicate the crucial need to pass energy legislation that addresses our nation’s addiction to foreign oil.

“Less than two years after our nation faced the highest fuel prices in history we are now experiencing one of the largest ecological disasters related to energy. We are urging the Senate to come back from the Independence Day recess and bring an energy bill to the floor; a bill that promotes America’s fuel. In these tight economic times when we are sending billions of dollars overseas to fund the economies of foreign countries we need legislation that will keep that money right here in America. Domestic ethanol is the only commercially viable, renewable fuel that creates American jobs while cleaning our air and strengthening our economy and national security. Ethanol should be at the heart of this debate in Congress,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis.

Growth Energy maintains that any legislation debated in Congress should include provisions that support renewable fuels to help reduce our nation’s dependence on oil, two-thirds of which is imported. Specifically, Growth Energy has asked Congress to reauthorize the tariff on foreign energy to protect American energy independence and jobs, reauthorize the blender’s tax credit or produce other tax legislation that would help level the playing field for ethanol in the fight against Big Oil, and open the fuels market so more consumers are driving Flex Fuel Vehicles and have access to blender pumps.

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About Growth Energy
Growth Energy is a group committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America’s economy through cleaner, greener energy. Growth Energy members recognize America needs a new ethanol approach. Through smart policy reform and a proactive grassroots campaign, Growth Energy promotes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, expanding the use of ethanol in gasoline, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, and creating American jobs at home. More information can be found at GrowthEnergy.org.