Ethanol Dispensers Receive Final Safety Certification

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy today announced that Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has simultaneously issued certifications to both the Gilbarco Veeder-Root Encore®E85 fueling dispenser and the Dresser Wayne Ovation ®Eco fueling E85 dispenser. These fuel pumps are now completely certified and approved for dispensing any range of fuel ethanol from E0 through E85.

“The final UL certification of both the Gilbarco and Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers represents a significant step in expanding our national effort to provide higher level blends of ethanol directly to consumers,” said Growth Energy CEO, Tom Buis. “Now that these two outstanding domestically based pump manufacturers have received all the final approvals and certifications, we anticipate a more rapid expansion in the number of higher blend fueling facilities across the nation.”

“This UL approval will have an extremely positive impact on our customers, motorists and the entire alternative fuels industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding renewable fuel options for their vehicles, and car manufacturers are steadily increasing the number of vehicle models that use eco-friendly fuels. Now, fuel retailers dispensing E85 with Dresser Wayne Ovation Eco Fuel E85 dispensers can meet consumer demands and also be in compliance with industry standards. This UL approval helps Dresser Wayne further its commitment to the development of green refueling technologies,” said Scott Negley, Director of Alternative Energy Products for Dresser Wayne.

“We are pleased to be leading the development of the infrastructure required for alternative fuels, including increased use of ethanol,” said Chad Johnson, marketing manager for Encore dispensers at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “The Encore S Flexible Fuel dispensers for E85 provide our customers with the same innovative, money-making features and durability they enjoy with the gasoline models.”


Regarding blender pumps, Buis noted, “Growth Energy salutes both manufacturers for their persistence in addressing the new and robust standards which have been established for certification of E85 dispensing equipment and we look forward to the completion of the process that will allow the certification of blender pumps in the near future.”

The impact of the approval enables the industry to build much-needed infrastructure to support renewable fuels and allows retailers to install ethanol equipment that is legal to operate. It also knocks down a significant barrier that impeded the growth of alternative fuels from becoming more of a mainstream product offering in the marketplace.


About Growth Energy
Growth Energy is a group committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America’s economy through cleaner, greener energy. Growth Energy members recognize America needs a new ethanol approach. Through smart policy reform and a proactive grassroots campaign, Growth Energy promotes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, expanding the use of ethanol in gasoline, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, and creating American jobs at home. More information can be found at