New Report Shows Net Energy Gain in Ethanol Production

WASHINGTON, DC – Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, lauded the findings of a new study by the USDA’s Office of Energy Policy and New Uses in the Office of the Chief Economist, which shows a substantial net energy gain in ethanol production.

The authors of the study found that for every British Thermal Unit (BTU) of energy required to make ethanol, 2.3 BTUs of energy are produced, a significant increase from the 1.76 BTUs produced in 2004.

“This study clearly demonstrates the technological advancements that have taken place in ethanol production in just a short period of time,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “The findings prove that ethanol production is becoming cleaner and more efficient at a time when oil production continues to become dirtier and more difficult to extract.”

A full copy of the report can be viewed at Growth Energy’s Research & Reports page or downloaded here (PDF).


About Growth Energy
Growth Energy is a group committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America’s economy through cleaner, greener energy. Growth Energy members recognize America needs a new ethanol approach. Through smart policy reform and a proactive grassroots campaign, Growth Energy promotes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, expanding the use of ethanol in gasoline, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, and creating American jobs at home. More information can be found at