Growth Energy Board Member Named to EPA Advisory Panel

WASHINGTON, DC – Steve McNinch, CEO of Western Plains Energy and a founding member of Growth Energy’s Board of Directors, has been named to an independent panel that advises the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on environmental issues of importance to agriculture.

McNinch was selected from a large pool of candidates for seats on the EPA’s Farm, Ranch and Rural Communities Committee (FRRCC). Those chosen represent industry, academia, local and tribal government, and non-governmental groups.

“I’m honored to serve. This is just one way that we can ensure that domestic ethanol’s voice is heard in Washington, DC, and elsewhere,” said McNinch. “Domestic ethanol is recognized as a cleaner alternative to gasoline, and it creates jobs in rural America. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to counsel EPA to help it write practical, smart environmental policy.”

Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, described McNinch as a “respected, insightful and passionate voice” for rural America – and for ethanol.

“I believe the selection of Steve McNinch to this important panel demonstrates EPA’s commitment to hearing what advocates of rural America and advocates of domestic ethanol have to say as they write regulations,” Buis said. “I commend EPA for its selection of McNinch. He is a leader – both in his business, and in his advocacy for an America that is not addicted to foreign oil.”

Larry Elworth, agriculture counselor to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, said that McNinch and other members were selected because of their shared commitment to dealing with the “complex environmental issues that are important to agriculture… We look forward to the benefit of their knowledge and insight.”

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