Consecutive Record Corn Crop Further Disproves Food vs. Fuel Myth

WASHINGTON, DC – The latest corn crop estimates from the USDA prove that U.S. farmers can produce enough corn for food, feed and fuel, once again refuting the claim that ethanol production impacts food prices, according to Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters.

The USDA announced its first estimate of the size of this year’s corn crop today, and projected an all-time record 13.4 billion bushels of corn. Last year’s harvest was a record 13.3 billion bushels of corn – grown on 7 million fewer acres than the last record harvest.

“Today’s estimates show the productive capacity of America’s farmers. Their ability to produce is the best in the world —producing more than enough grain over the last three years. As demand for clean, renewable ethanol continues to grow, these crop estimates prove that our farmers will be able to meet all the demand for food, fuel and feed in this country, as well as meet all our export obligations,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “I’ve said it before and looks like I get to say it again – there’s a mountain of grain out there. Food vs. fuel was a myth, propagated by deep-pocketed industries more interested in making profits than making our country more energy independent.”

Below are some of the key points from today’s USDA report:

• Corn production for 2010/11 is projected at 13.4 billion bushels, up 260 million from 2009/10

• The 2010/11 yield is projected at 163.5 bushels per acre, 2.7 bushels above the 1990-09 trend.

• Corn supplies are projected at a record 15.1 billion bushels, 325 million higher than in 2009/10.

• Year-end surpluses for 2010-11 are expected to be 1.8 billion bushels, up from last year.

• Corn ethanol use, projected at 4.6 billion bushels, is supported by rising Federal biofuels mandates and strong blending incentives that continue to boost ethanol use.


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