In Show of Support for Domestic Ethanol, President Obama to Tour Growth Energy Member Plant

WASHINGTON, DC – On Wednesday, April 28, Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, will welcome President Obama to member plant POET- Biorefining in Macon, Mo., as part of his “White House to Main Street” tour.

At the plant, the President will talk to workers and share his ideas for rebuilding our nation’s long-term economy.

“The farmers, families, plant workers, local business owners and community members who make up Growth Energy are pleased to welcome President Obama to our member ethanol plant in Macon,” said Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis. “President Obama’s support of our nation’s ethanol industry helps create U.S. jobs in hundreds of towns like Macon, while strengthening our energy independence and national security.”

The President’s visit to the POET- Biorefining ethanol plant reinforces his Administration’s strong support for ethanol producers and rural America. In his campaign for the White House, then-Sen. Barack Obama toured a new ethanol plant in Charles City, Iowa, and said that America’s ethanol use “ultimately helps our national security, because right now we’re sending billions of dollars to some of the most hostile nations on earth.”

Domestic ethanol creates American jobs, grows our national economy, and by reducing our dependence on foreign oil helps to strengthen our national security. In 2009, the ethanol industry created and supported more than 400,000 jobs across the country, contributed $53.3 billion to the nation’s GDP and generated $8.4 billion in federal tax revenues. The domestic production of nearly 10.6 billion gallons of ethanol that same year eliminated the need to import at least 364 million barrels of oil to manufacture gasoline, keeping $21.3 billion in the U.S. economy instead of sending it overseas.

“America’s ethanol supporters thank the President for his continued support. We’ve come a long way toward the goal of energy independence and look forward to working together with President Obama and Congress in addressing our nation’s economic and energy challenges,” Buis added.


About Growth Energy
Growth Energy is a group committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America’s economy through cleaner, greener energy. Growth Energy members recognize America needs a new ethanol approach. Through smart policy reform and a proactive grassroots campaign, Growth Energy promotes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, expanding the use of ethanol in gasoline, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, and creating American jobs at home. More information can be found at