USDA Crop Report: Corn Harvest Once Again Proves Farmers Can Grow Enough for Food and Fuel

WASHINGTON, DC — American farmers are expected to produce a record 13.2 billion bushels of corn, the largest U.S. corn crop in history, according to a crop report released today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Growth Energy said the record yield shatters the myth of “food vs. fuel” and repeated its demand that the Grocery Manufacturers Association apologize for its multi-million dollar propaganda blitz to spread lies about ethanol.

“Today’s USDA forecast of a record corn crop once again confirms what America’s farmers and renewable fuel producers have known for a long time. Continued innovation in ethanol production and agricultural technology means that we don’t have to make a false choice between food and fuel. We can more than meet the demand for food and livestock feed while reducing our dependence on foreign oil through the production of homegrown renewable ethanol,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy.

The USDA production forecast is up 2 percent from the November 1 forecast and 1 percent above the previous record of 13.0 billion bushels set in 2007. The USDA report further indicates that U.S. grain yield is estimated to reach a record level for 2009, at 165.2 bushels per acre, up 2.3 bushels from the November forecast and 4.9 bushels above the previous record of 160.3 bushels per acre set in 2004.

Buis pointed out that American farmers continue to produce enough corn to meet demand for ethanol and domestic demand for corn as food and feed, as well as corn for export – and have ample stock of corn leftover for storage. “Ethanol production in this country can grow without adding a single additional acre of land into agriculture production,” Buis said.

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