Congress Praised by Growth Energy for Subjecting Flawed Theory on Biofuels to Further Study

Washington – Today, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis praised the U.S. House of Representatives for fixing the “indirect land use change” penalty provisions of the 2007 energy law. Growth Energy led efforts to ensure that Congress addressed these issues because they are vital to ensuring American farmers and ethanol producers can continue to provide homegrown, renewable fuels to power our nation. The changes were part of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 that passed the House today:

“We commend the House of Representatives for passing legislation today that would fix a flawed provision of current law that threatens the future of biofuels production in the U.S., and continues our nation’s reliance on foreign oil. The legislation prevents the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from adopting rules to penalize domestic ethanol and biodiesel production for land use changes occurring in foreign countries.

“America’s farmers are the most productive in the world. For the EPA to require U.S. farmers to make planting decisions based on foreign countries’ land use defies common sense and threatens the sovereignty of American agriculture. The House action today prevents the EPA from implementing these rules until a scientific, factually-based study can be undertaken to first determine if the production of ethanol is leading to land use changes in foreign countries, before penalizing the only current alternative to imported foreign oil.

“We also commend the leadership of House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson for again standing up for the interests of rural America by insisting that this important provision be included in the House passed legislation. His efforts, along with the leadership of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman ensured that this important issue has been addressed.

“We also recognize that the overall legislation will need further improvements and changes before it is signed into law. The House vote today is an important step in the legislative process, but many steps remain before final passage. We are committed to working to enact improvements in the Senate and conference committee to ensure that the final product helps our nation reduce our dependence on foreign oil and promotes the use of homegrown, renewable fuels produced in America.”



About Growth Energy

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