Growth Energy Applauds President Obama for creating Biofuels Working Group

WASHINGTON, DC—Growth Energy applauded the creation of a Biofuels Interagency Working Group by President Barack Obama designed to accelerate the development of the nation’s biofuels industry and infrastructure. The group of ethanol producers said the comprehensive plan will decrease dependence on foreign oil, create American jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions.


“With the establishment of this working group by the President, America has taken an important step toward sustainability, energy security and economic vitality,” said Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy. “By charging three cabinet secretaries with the development of the nation’s biofuels industry and infrastructure, the President has spoken loud and clear about the important role biofuels play in our present and future. America’s ethanol producers stand ready to help the president, and his working group, meet their ambitious goals.”


Buis also praised U.S. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson for soliciting peer-reviewed science on the life-cycle analysis of biofuels for purposes of the RFS II rulemaking. Buis said it was especially important to further study the controversial theory of indirect land use change before finalizing the greenhouse gas emissions scores for biofuels. “Indirect land use change theory uses speculative models and incorrect assumptions in an attempt to blame American farmers for deforestation in Brazil,” Buis said. “As the European Union discovered while developing their biofuels regulations, the science on indirect land use is unsettled and the theory is not ready for regulatory usage.”


Furthermore, Buis said that indirect land use change as currently proposed doesn’t allow an accurate comparison of fuels because it doesn’t include the indirect effects of other fuels. “To include indirect effects in regulations without even considering the indirect effects of other fuels would unfairly bias those regulations against biofuels,” said Buis. For more on the theory of indirect land use change click here.


The presidential directive was issued on May 5, 2009 and distributed to Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson.


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