WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor wrote to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Michael S. Regan requesting the agency return to the Midwest for an in-person hearing on the agency’s 2023-2025 plan for biofuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

“Given the profound implications of this year’s ‘Set’ rulemaking, there has never been a more important time for EPA officials to hear directly from stakeholders in the Midwest who will be most directly impacted by the agency’s decisions,” wrote Skor.

In her letter, Skor notes that the agency hasn’t held a major in-person hearing on the nation’s biofuel ambitions since July 31, 2019 in Michigan.

“We hope you will agree that the time has come to restore a prized opportunity for rural communities to share their views. The teleconference now scheduled for January 10, 2023 is an expedient option, but we cannot allow a temporary alterative to become a permanent habit. Simply put, there is no substitute for the perspective EPA can gain from visiting with local innovators in communities where renewable energy goes from farm field to fuel tank every day,” added Skor.

View the full letter here.

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