Growth Energy Applauds Michigan Senate Vote to Boost Biofuel Blends

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor welcomed today’s vote by the Michigan State Senate approving a proposal to expand access to lower-cost, lower-emissions biofuel blends. Senate Bill 814, authored by committee chairman Sen. Kevin Daley, would establish a retailer tax incentive for higher ethanol blends, specifically a tax credit of $0.05 per gallon on sales of E15 and $0.085 per gallon on sales of E85.

“We thank committee Chairman Daley and his colleagues for moving ahead with plans to expand access to lower-cost, lower-emissions biofuel blends across Michigan,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “As Growth Energy testified last week, bioethanol blends such as E15 and E85 provide environmental benefits, boost Michigan’s farmers and biofuel producers, and give consumers more affordable choices at the pump. With holiday drivers facing record-high prices, today’s vote is a welcome sign that Michigan leaders are working to restore U.S. energy security and support local communities.”