Growth Energy Thanks Governor Reynolds for Leading the Way for Statewide E15 In Iowa

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Governor Kim Reynolds signed the 2022 Biofuel Access Bill into law, making Iowa the first state in the nation to implement statewide access to E15. The legislation would provide Iowans access to E15 statewide by 2026 and update the E15 promotion tax credit to $0.09 per gallon year-round through 2025. In a statement, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor applauded the bill’s passage:

“Thanks to Governor Reynolds’ strong leadership, every Iowan will be able to access affordable, engine-kind and earth-friendly E15 at the pump,” said Skor. “The Biofuel Access Bill, first unveiled by Governor Reynolds at the beginning of this year, offers drivers across Iowa the opportunity to not only save money at the pump but to make a simple change for the environment by simply changing fuel. At the peak of high gas prices this spring, Iowans across the state were saving about $.30 per gallon at the pump while filling up with E15. These meaningful savings will be accessible across the state, all year long.

“Governor Reynolds’ legislation also allows drivers to make a difference for the environment by simply filling up at the pump. Research shows that statewide E15 in Iowa could cut climate emissions by 180,000 metric tons – the equivalent of removing almost 40,000 vehicles off the road across the state. This initiative is a win-win for the economy and the environment, and we’re glad to see this legislation enacted, which will have a permanent impact for generations to come.

“We also thank Speaker Grassley, Minority Leader Konfrst, and Chair Hein in the House, and Majority Leader Whitver, Sens. Zumbach, Brown, and Minority Leader Wahls in the Senate for their strong support of biofuels in this year’s legislative session, and for once again placing Iowa at the forefront of ensuring access to cleaner, American biofuels with the passage of this legislation.”

To learn more about the enacted 2022 Biofuels Access Bill, click here.