Oregon Finalizes E15 Rule, To Take Effect in January

WASHINGTON, D.C — Today, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor applauded the State of Oregon for finalizing its rule to allow the sale of a fifteen percent ethanol blend (E15) throughout the state. The rule will take effect in January 2022.

“Access to higher blends of renewable fuels is a win for Oregon drivers and the environment. By allowing for the sale of E15, Oregon is taking its commitment to addressing climate change to the next level, offering drivers an engine-smart, lower-carbon fuel,” said Skor. “E15 also provides working families the best value at the pump. As our country faces rising gas prices, Oregonians now have access to a fuel that saves drivers up to 10 cents a gallon.”

In June, Oregon Governor Kate Brown approved HB 3051, changing Oregon’s renewable fuel blending requirement from “10%” to “at least 10%” — allowing for the sale of E15 and potentially higher blends in the future. In response, the Oregon Department of Agriculture issued a proposed rule to make the change on blends higher than 10%. On Friday, October 29, Growth Energy’s Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley submitted comments in support of the proposed rule:

“Growth Energy strongly commends the department for its support of E15 sales in Oregon and strongly supports this proposal to clarify the legal sale of E15 in the state,” wrote Bliley. “We appreciate this opportunity to comment on this proposed rule and other actions by the department to facilitate sales of E15 and higher biofuel blends.”