Increasing access and eliminating barriers to higher ethanol blended fuels ion of Growth Energy’s top policy priorities. But this push doesn’t just exist on the federal level. Several states across the country are debating legislation that affect access to E15 – whether positively or negatively – and ultimately drivers, retailers, farmers, and ethanol producers. ELC’s “What’s Going on in My Backyard?” panel, featuring Growth Energy’s Chris Bliley and Elizabeth Funderburk, updated attendees on engagement in the states to protect and encourage the use of higher biofuel blends. 

Halting the Anti-E15 Bill in Indiana 

In Indiana, problematic E15 legislation that would have implemented a duplicative and confusing E15 label to fuel pumps, moved swiftly through the State House. As the bill was headed to the Governor’s desk, Growth Energy activated grassroots and lobbying efforts to remind Governor Holcomb of the detrimental effects this label would have had on farmers and the Hoosier ethanol industry – the fifth largest in the country. Ultimately, Governor Holcomb vetoed the bill, proving Growth Energy’s fight successful. We will continue to monitor the issue in case of a veto override from the State Legislature.  

Advocating for E15 in Iowa 

In Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds has been pushing legislation that would standardize E15 fuel across the state. As the legislation is awaiting a vote in the House, Growth Energy is continuing to engage with folks on the ground to help gather enough votes to push the legislation through and have Iowa be a standard-bearer for E15 and a strong example for nationwide E15.  

Chris and Elizabeth also discussed legislation in Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and Michigan.  

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