Earlier this month, Governor Pete Ricketts proclaimed May as Renewable Fuels Month in the state of Nebraska. The governor joined Nebraskans in celebrating by fueling up drivers’ tanks with E15 – a fifteen percent ethanol fuel blend – at a Casey’s General Store in the state on May 17th.

“Nebraska’s biofuels power our vehicles and propel our state’s economy forward,” said Governor Ricketts in a statement.  “Corn-based ethanol and soy biodiesels save Nebraskans money at the pump, and they literally help us breathe easier.  We’re successfully working to introduce greater volumes of higher ethanol blends—E15, E30, and E85—into the nation’s fuel supply to save consumers money, benefit the environment, and create more opportunity for Nebraska’s farm families.”

Nebraska’s ethanol industry is a major contributor to its economy and to bringing more affordable, cleaner fueling options to our nation’s drivers. The industry employs over 1,400 workers and produces 2.6 billion gallons of fuel, worth over $2.8 billion. With 25 ethanol plants in the state, it is an integral part of ensuring drivers both at home and abroad have access to ethanol fuel.

We thank Governor Ricketts for his continued support of the use of biofuels in Nebraska, across the U.S. nation, and around the globe. He has been a long-term advocate for biofuels and has actively worked on initiatives to build biofuels demand and demonstrate its value to consumers. Last year, the governor started a pilot program to exclusively use E30 fuel in the State of Nebraska’s vehicle fleet, which will go into effect on June 3.

Whether you’re in Nebraska or just passing through, you can help celebrate during Renewable Fuels Month by filling up with E15! Locations offering E15 fuel have grown to over 1,800 locations in 31 states, and the fuel alternative’s popularity is expected to grow even more once E15 can be sold year-round.

Find a location near you by visiting GetBiofuel.com, and use our Trip Planner to find fuel locations offering E15 fuel along your trip. As you plan ahead for your summer activities, E15 – or Unleaded 88 and Regular 88 at the pump – will help keep your wallet happy and the air you breath clean. As long as EPA and President Trump deliver on their promise to allow year-round sales of E15, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of higher-blends of ethanol fuel during the most expensive driving season of the year.

Learn more about the economic, environmental, and health benefits of E15 here.

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