Today, Growth Energy Vice President of Market Development Mike O’Brien sat down for a new installment of the Driving Ethanol podcast to discuss how we have partnered with Prime the Pump to expand E15 adoption nationwide. O’Brien explained how Growth Energy is working with some of the most innovative retailers in the country to grow the availability of higher ethanol blended fuel, like E15, and educate consumers on its numerous benefits.

E15 is a blended fuel with 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. By increasing the blend of ethanol from E10, a 10% blend of fuel that makes up 98 percent of the nation’s fuel supply, to E15, retailers can provide consumers better savings at the pump and a cleaner option when fueling up while increasing their competitive advantage.

In this episode, O’Brien discussed the benefits of E15 not only to consumers, but also to retailers. He outlined the consumer research undertaken to best position E15 with consumers at the pump. Retailers strive to provide their customers with quality choices both in-store and at the pump to differentiate themselves from their competition. With E15, retailers can offer another choice to their customers in the form of a cleaner, less expensive fuel with a higher octane, while also increasing their bottom line, as O’Brien discusses.

“What consumers have told us, is that they are interested in E15 because it enhances the performance of their car,” O’Brien said, while discussing consumer reactions to adopting E15. “They like the idea of having a fuel that enhances the driving experience, they like a fuel that is cleaner.”

Through engaging with consumers on what they want when fueling up, by conducting interviews, polls and studies, Growth Energy and Prime the Pump have developed Unleaded 88 to ensure consumers are comfortable accessing the benefits of E15. With over 1,400 locations now offering E15 across the nation, both retailers and consumers are increasingly interested in E15 blended fuel to make the fueling process as pain free as possible. For more information on how Growth Energy and its Prime the Pump partners have revolutionized the fuel retail market, listen to the full interview here.


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