Today we are featuring one of our great retail partners, Murphy USA.

As part of their commitment to use US-based fuel sources, 42 of their locations sell clean burning, high-octane E15 and 47 sell E85, the use of which they plan to expand upon once it becomes more readily available.

Murphy USA originally began in 1996 as a retail gasoline venture between Murphy Oil Corporation and Walmart to build Murphy USA stations at Walmart Supercenter stores. The entrepreneurial spirit that launched the Murphy USA brand has continued to help grow the network of Murphy USA and Murphy Express stations to its current level, with more than 1,400 locations in 26 states. As a leading low-price retailer, Murphy USA serves more than 1.6 million customers every day.

“We very much value our partnership with Growth Energy and their team supports our business in several important ways. By serving as one point of contact, they help us close the gap between multiple suppliers and retailers which allows us to maintain the integrity of our business. Their work increases our awareness of pending regulations and potential impacts which enables us to better control initial investment costs. The Growth Energy market updates and insights are important as is the funding they coordinate. We also value the conferences they sponsor – especially the Retailer Round Tables where we can share thoughts with others in the industry on how to move the business forward while managing opportunities, challenges and potential solutions.” 

- Manuel Rodriguez, Sr. Manager, Renewables & Logistics for Murphy USA Inc.

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CEO @GrowthEnergy tells IRS how #ethanol plants can lead the way on #carbon capture

via @FuelsAmerica

As @RepCheri Bustos says here, the biofuels industry has a cascading effect on agriculture — it promotes strong supply chains and multiplies rural economic output. Abuse of the Renewable Fuel Standard through refinery exemptions only serves to harm the ag economy.

via @GrowthEnergy

The future of fuel — increased engine performance, lowering our carbon footprint, and eliminating toxic fuel additives — is already here. At @EESI's Clean Energy Expo, Growth Energy SVP of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley laid out the benefits that expanding ethanol can bring.

via @GrowthEnergy

In a letter to the IRS, GE CEO @EmilySkor proposes applying the 45Q performance based carbon tax credit to carbon capture projects at ethanol plants as a way to incentivize and expand their further use. Biofuel producers are ready to do more!  See the letter here:

via @GrowthEnergy