Congratulations to the National Council for Agricultural Education on a successful 2017 National Teach Ag Day! The eighth annual National Teach Ag Day was celebrated in Chicago, IL, and hosted by the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

Growth Energy is proud to be included in this important initiative that encourages others to teach school-based agriculture and to recognize the important role that agriculture teachers play in schools and communities. From dissecting the digestive tract of a ruminant animal to spending hours traveling to and from conferences and conventions, agriculture teachers are more than teachers. They are mentors and leaders for our budding generations of agriculturalists, schools, and communities. Being an agriculture teacher is more than a job, it is a lifestyle choice that deserves to be celebrated.

“Ag teachers go above and beyond to shape the hearts and minds of students all over our country. I would like to personally thank thousands of them for allowing us to reach into their classrooms and share the success story of biofuels with their students,” said Growth Energy’s VP of Development Kelly Manning, who spoke to attendees at the conference.

On National Teach Ag day, agricultural educators and agricultural education advocates engaged in a variety of activities designed to celebrate and promote the career of agricultural education. These included capitol rallies, special lessons, community activities, and more. The Teach Ag website is a clearinghouse of free resources meant to help teachers and advocates, such as videos, suggested teaching activities, games, and giveaway items.

Watch the 2017 Teach Ag Day webcast here.

National Teach Ag Day is a part of the National Teach Ag Campaign, an initiative of the National Council for Agricultural Education, led by the National Association of Agricultural Educators and sponsored by the CHS Foundation, DuPont Pioneer, Growth Energy and BASF as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. 

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Today in Michigan, with holiday drivers facing record-high gas prices, the state Senate Ag Committee approved legislation to expand access to lower-cost, lower-emissions biofuel blends for drivers in Michigan.…

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New → Canada has released its finalized Clean Fuel Regulations, and they are a win for the Canadian consumer and low-carbon biofuels.…

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@FoxNews @sheetz E15 is available this summer thanks to @POTUS recent emergency waiver. Year-round E15 should be made permanent so these savings can be accessed by American drivers all year long.

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As seen on @FoxNews ⛽️ @sheetz is selling E15/Unleaded88 for $3.99/per gallon all weekend long to promote renewable fuel options and reflect the cost savings of E15 at stations across the country.

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