Flex Fuel Vehicles are specially designed to run on any ethanol fuel blend up to 85 percent, which includes regular unleaded.

Special on-board diagnostics “read” the fuel blend, enabling drivers to use fuel blends beyond E10 (regular unleaded), which includes E15, E20, E30, E40, E50 or any ethanol blend up to E85.

Click the links below or use the search box to find out what vehicles are rated to run on fuels with higher blends of ethanol.

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This fuel is engine smart, earth kind, and wallet-friendly! “Typically, #E15 (#Unleaded88) will retail for about 3 to 10 cents less per gallon than 87 regular, and that gives the retailer an advantage..” - Mike O’Brien of @GrowthEnergy. @mikegrowth - https://t.co/cZEboDUQU4 https://t.co/ux4shkkRVf

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#Ethanol exports have reached a 12-month record high for the third time this year! Learn more about the global ethanol export outlook from @GrowthEnergy SVP of Global Markets @craigw1ll1s here ⬇ growthenergy.org/2018/12/06/eth…

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OPINION - Reallocation key to an honest RFS: The RFS is one of the great success stories for our nation. Motorists have seen cleaner, more affordable choices at the pump, and our corn farmers have seen demand for their product grow. #ethanol https://t.co/pjopoiq3E8 https://t.co/JiKuvDLmYm

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Iowa’s #E15 stations raised $17,000 for breast cancer research and support services during Pink at the Pump month! https://t.co/pwwEg1p35o

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