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[email protected] joins #fuel retailers @kumandgo and @NUVUFUELS calling for an emergency #E15 waiver to allow #gasoline blended with 15% #ethanol to be sold during the summer driving season https://t.co/Mu65sOwvIm #biofuels @brownfield #agnews

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Thank you @GovLauraKelly for advocating for a summertime waiver to keep E15 at the pumps! governor.kansas.gov/governor-kelly…

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Thank you @RepMMM @RepFeenstra @NikkiBudzinski @RepLaHood @RepAngieCraig @ZachNunn & @RepAshleyHinson for continuing to push for lower prices at the pump for American drivers! 🚗 twitter.com/repmmm/status/…

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New from the House → Thank you @RepMMM for leading the reintroduction of the Next Generation Fuels Act today. This legislation is a common-sense step toward lower prices at the pump, greater energy security, and cleaner air. growthenergy.org/2023/03/30/gro…

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