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No. 46, August 23, 2018



Growth Energy Submits Comments to EPA on Proposed 2019 RVO

Late last week, Growth Energy submitted comments to the EPA on their proposed 2019 Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) targets. Our comments focused on encouraging the EPA to make proposed numbers real by accounting for lost gallons from small refinery exemptions and reallocating those gallons to other non-exempt refineries to meet RVO targets. In addition to addressing lost gallons, we reiterated our request that the EPA fulfill the president's promise for year-round sale of E15 by implementing Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) relief. This relief would allow the sale of higher octane blends, like E15, thereby increasing domestic market demand for ethanol and lowering prices for consumers at the pump. As you all know, this relief is crucial to encouraging growth in rural America and building on the successes the biofuels industry has had so far. “On it’s face, this is a strong proposal with a 15-billion-gallon commitment to starch ethanol and a significant increase in cellulosic biofuels,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “However, the proposed RVO has failed to account for the 2.25 billion gallons lost due to small refinery exemptions. By failing to account for these exemptions, EPA has made the numbers hollow turning the clock back on the RFS by 5 years.”

“With ag demand at a 12 year low, America’s farmers and producers need the proposed RVO targets for 2019 set and met earnestly,” Skor continued. “I hope the new leadership at the EPA reverses course and gets back on the path of blending more gallons of homegrown renewable biofuels and increases domestic grain market demand through the year-round sale of higher octane blends, such as E15.”
In addition to pushing for these changes to the EPA's proposed 2019 RVO, Growth Energy stated our continued support for the 15 billion gallons of starch ethanol and for increasing cellulosic volumes in conjunction with regulator approval for pending cellulosic registrations. We will continue to monitor the EPA's proposed 2019 RVO, as well as other important regulations, and keep you updated on any changes.

For more details, contact Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Chris Bliley.



Growth Energy Launches Grassroots Campaign


United Kingdom Accepting Comments on Instituting Nationwide E10 Fuel Blending


Growth Energy Partners With Retail Publications to Release Six-part Miniseries & Fuel Retail Booklet
Register Now: Growth Energy's Mike O'Brien to Lead Webinar for Fuel Retailers on Benefits of E15


Deric Kramer Earns Second NHRA Pro Stock Win of Season


Member Highlight: Kansas Ethanol



Darlington Paintout

September 2

Darlington, S.C.

Biofuels Summit

September 10-15

Washington, D.C.



Growth Energy Launches Grassroots Campaign Before Midterm Elections

Growth Energy has launched a grassroots campaign to raise awareness on the issue of year-round sale of E15 through Reid Vapor Pressure relief. Achieving this would allow the sale of E15 year-round across the nation and bring rural America economic relief. Focused on engaging with farm communities and our own membership, we will be providing educational materials, participating in community events, and supporting our producer plant members in their own efforts to educate their communities. 


The midterm elections are the perfect time to have our voices heard among our representatives and the nation's lawmakers. Rural America is hurting because of tariffs, low commodity prices, and reduced farm income. As many of you remember, the President's reaffirmation of being 'very close' to providing year-round sales of E15 was a landmark moment for our industry and a testament to the hard work of our industry.


Now is the time to double down and make sure that the importance of biofuels and RVP remains in the forefront of the president's mind this election season. For more information on materials, please contact Leigh Claffey. For questions about E15 year-round, please contact John Fuher.

For more details, contact Vice President of Government Affairs John Fuher.



United Kingdom Accepting Comments on Allowing Nationwide E10 Fuel Blends


The United Kingdom announced in July that they would be launching a two month consultation period on whether or not to allow blending of up to 10 percent ethanol into the fuel supply. The UK currently allows blending of fuel up to 5 percent ethanol, known more commonly as E5. They are seeking advice on the impacts that introducing E10 fuel would have on the UK market, as well as considering if vehicles in the UK are advanced enough to handle higher blends. 


"This government is ambitiously seeking to reduce the UK’s reliance on imported fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions from transport. But drivers of older vehicles should not be hit hard in the pocket as a result," UK Trade Minister Jesse Norman said during the announcement. "We have launched this consultation in order to understand the impact of E10 on the UK market better, and to ensure that drivers are protected if any changes come into effect."


In addition to seeking consultation on allowing E10 blends into the fuel supply, the UK's Department for Transport is seeking advice on reintroducing an E5 protection grade fuel to keep prices stable, as well as introducing new labeling requirements for cars and fueling stations. Closing at 11:45 PM, GMT, on Sept. 16, 2018, you can find more information on the consultation and submitting comments here. We will continue to monitor any developments on this consultation and are planning to submit our own comments in Sept.

For more details, contact Senior Vice President of Global Markets Craig Willis.



Growth Energy Partners With Retail Publications to Release Six-part Miniseries & Fuel Retail Booklet


Growth Energy has been working closely with the leading retail publications to target executive level fuel marketers and buyers at convenience stores nationwide. As part of our on-going efforts to influence more retailers to offer E15, the market development team has created a six-part miniseries of articles, as well as a fuel retail booklet, that discuss the best marketing practices for retailers. 


The second article in this series, in particular, talks about E15’s expansion and footprint throughout the United States. Historically, E15 had barely penetrated the United States' market back in 2011, with less than 100 locations selling E15. In the years since then, however, Growth Energy, along with Prime the Pump, has aggressively improved the adoption of E15 and, as a result, quadrupled the number of E15 sites in 2016 and 2017. The article highlights the overall growth of E15, along with experiences and testimony of retail partners. Along with our booklet, these articles provide tools to retailers who are thinking about adopting E15 at their own stations. To view our booklet, please visit our website.


For more information on this article or the newsletter series, please visit

Register Now: Growth Energy's Mike O'Brien to Lead Webinar for Fuel Retailers on Benefits of E15

Growth Energy Vice President of Market Development Mike O'Brien will present a webinar on Thursday, September 6th for fuel retailers looking to increase their sales by offering E15.


The webinar will be moderated by Convenience Store News Editorial Director, Don Longo, and, in addition to hearing from Mike, Afshin Mohamadi, a Principal at Quadrant Strategies, will present. Attendees will gain insight from these industry experts who will present on the most up-to-date E15 consumer research, layout the best marketing practices with E15, and examine case studies of specific branding efforts, promotions, and marketing.

Registration is now open for this free webinar to be held on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 2 PM ET. For more information on the event and to register, go here. You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear how Growth Energy continues to lead the industry in biofuels market innovation.

For more details, contact Senior Vice President of Market Development, Mike O'Brien.



Deric Kramer Earns Second NHRA Pro Stock Win of Season


Pictured above: Deric Kramer lifts the trophy over his American Ethanol Chevrolet Camero after his win at Brainerd International Raceway.

In his third consecutive final round finish and fifth final round finish of the year, Deric Kramer won his second NHRA Pro Stock win of the season driving his American Ethanol Chevrolet Camero at Brainerd International Raceway. Kramer has been making a splash in NHRA Pro Stock circuit completing the two previous races in the runner-up position in Sonoma and Seattle. 


“There are no free shots in Pro Stock,” Deric said after the win in Brainerd. “You have to go up there and have to be competitive. If you’re not competitive on the tree and on the track, you aren’t going to win out here; you’re going to go home. If we can continue to be good on the tree and on the track, hopefully some more win lights turn on for us throughout Indy and the Countdown [to the Championship].”


Kramer's most recent win has put him in a strong position and clinched him a spot in the Countdown to the Championship. Currently sitting No. 6 in overall points, he has only one more race left in the regular season before turning his gaze to the finals.


For more information on the race or to learn more about American Ethanol Racing, visit their website.

For more details, contact Manager of Communications, Austin Dabney.


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