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No. 37, June 20, 2018



Big Win for Ethanol in Mexico Court Decision on E10 


Ethanol advocates took home a big win in Mexico's first circuit court last Thursday, when a unanimous decision overturned an injunction preventing the blending of 10 percent ethanol into gasoline. The 21st Collegiate Court on Administrative Matters for the First Circuit overturned a decision in the lower courts, which had approved an injunction originally released to stop a 2017 ruling by the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission allowing 10 percent blending. The injunction prevented Mexico's primary fuel blender PEMEX from blending 10 percent ethanol into gasoline on the Mexican market and was specific to the company itself. PEMEX is responsible for blending 95 percent of Mexico's fuels and is the country's largest fuel blender.


Though this recent ruling is a win for ethanol advocates in both the U.S. and Mexico, there is still a long way to go before the Mexican ethanol market is as stable as it is in the U.S. According to estimates by the Mexican government, a nationwide E10 blend in Mexico could mean a 1.16 billion gallon/year market for ethanol. However, unlike the U.S., Mexico does not yet have the regulatory support apparatus to complement a transition to higher ethanol blends, which would help keep fuel prices low and air quality high. Growth Energy will continue to monitor Mexico's ethanol environment and keep you updated!

For more details, contact Senior Vice President of Global Markets Craig Willis.



Farm Bill Passes out of Committee to Senate Floor, House Subcommittees to Meet on Farm and Advanced Biofuel Regulations


Which Convenience Store Has The Best Pizza?


Pruitt Faces Backlash from Agriculture Leaders Following Midwest Tour


American Ethanol and Anthony Taylor Talk Shop at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack


Member Highlight: Western Plains Energy, LLC


Coke Zero Sugar 400 

July 7

Daytona Beach, FL

Corn Congress

July 16 - 19

Washington, D.C.



Farm Bill Passes out of Committee to Senate Floor, House Subcommittees to Meet on Farm and Advanced Biofuel Regulations


The Senate Agriculture Committee passed the farm bill on June 13 with widespread support. In a brief statement during the committee business meeting, Grassley expressed his favorable opinion of the bulk of the bill and the hard work that went into crafting it, while also highlighting the amendments and provisions which he found lacking. He was also disappointed that his amendment on farm program eligibility was not included and plans to reintroduce the amendment on the Senate floor.

Senator Klobuchar’s amendments, which were included, increased investment in renewable energy by restoring mandatory funding levels for several energy title programs and by directing the Secretary of Agriculture to conduct a study on the impact of small refinery waivers. The inclusion of these amendments is a win for the biofuels industry in encouraging biofuels investment and curbing small refinery waivers.


Later this week, House committees will meet to discuss how biofuels and farmers are impacted by existing regulations. The House Small Business Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy, and Trade will meet Thursday, June 21, to discuss how federal regulations have impacted America’s small farmers and the House Energy and Commerce Committee will meet Friday, June 22, to discuss advanced biofuels under the Renewable Fuels Standard.

For more details, contact Vice President of Government Affairs John Fuher.



Market Development Has a Question for You:

Which convenience store has the best pizza? Click to vote:

For more details, contact Vice President of Market Development Mike O'Brien.




Pruitt Faces Backlash from Agriculture Leaders and White House Following Midwest Tour 


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt visited several states meeting with a variety of Midwestern stakeholders including agriculture and biofuels groups where he faced vocal criticism for his actions that have undercut biofuel demand. The Growth Energy communications team organized a rally in Sioux Falls with over 200 people in attendance and we issued a press release pushing stakeholders to ask key questions about Pruitt’s efforts to hamper the growth of biofuel. Notably, Pruitt did acknowledge that EPA has the authority to provide Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) relief contrary to previous positions taken by EPA. He also acknowledged that he wanted to prospectively address the reallocation of RINs from small refiner waivers, but does not believe that low RIN prices undercut ethanol demand. We will continue to push aggressively for EPA to provide immediate RVP relief and to stop issuing these harmful waivers, so that our industry can continue to move forward.

For more details, contact Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Chris Bliley.



American Ethanol and Anthony Taylor Talk Shop at Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack


Pictured: Anthony Taylor's ethanol-burning Porsche GT2 built by BBI Autosport

Last weekend, American Ethanol traveled to its first Anthony Taylor drag racing event of the year – the Shift-S3ctor Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack! Pikes Peak is one of the largest, most popular events of its kind in the racing circuit and brings drivers and cars from all over the world together to compete in a high-speed, high-adrenaline racing format. On the first day of the event, drivers qualify for time in luxury cars ranging from Porsches and Lamborghinis to McLarens, and Nissan GTRs, and then they race heads up on the second day to determine winners for their respective classes.


Anthony debuted his brand-new ethanol-burning Porsche GT2 built by BBI Autosport, at the event. Anthony’s car was on track to dominate its 6-speed class with runs of over 180 mph fresh off the trailer, but unfortunately a ring and pinion in the transmission broke on the very last qualifying run of the day, meaning he wouldn’t be able to finish the competition on Sunday. Breaks like these are not uncommon in this style of racing, so drivers just hope the failures are on small, easier to repair components as opposed to larger complex repairs. Since the part in question was housed within the transmission, it couldn’t be fixed onsite. Although Anthony was disappointed to not finish the competition, Sunday was still a great success overall. American Ethanol teamed up with Anthony and BBI Autosport to host a trackside shop talk with BBI’s other ethanol-burning Porsche’s, giving 50 spectators an overview of the cars’ specs and why ethanol is such a valuable tool in delivering peak performance. We had an engaged group of spectators and fans who were thrilled at the opportunity to learn about the cars and American Ethanol.

For more details, contact Manager of Communications Austin Dabney



Member Highlight: Western Plains Energy


Pictured: Western Plains Energy Plant during the day (left) and at sunset (right)

For our member spotlight this week, we are pleased to highlight our member, Western Plains Energy, LLC


Name of company and city/state in which you're located:

Western Plains Energy, LLC - Oakley, Kansas


Management Team:

  • General Manager: Derek Peine
  • EHS Manager: Aaron Betz
  • Plant Manager: Rick Holaday
  • HR Manager: Debbie Nelson
  • Commodity Manager for Grain: Greg Doll
  • Commodity Manager for Distillers: Joni Wilson
  • Accounting Manager: Dusty Zerr
  • IT Manager: Tammy Nelson
  • Maintenance Manager: Duaine Tittle
  • Production Manager: Todd Plummer
  • Laboratory Manager: Matthew Folmar


How long has the company been in operation?

The company was founded in 2001 and only three years later we began operations in 2004!


Do you make any ethanol co-products?

We market wet distillers grains, distiller oil, and syrup.


How long have you been a GE member?

We have been a member since of Growth Energy since it was founded in 2008.


What do you consider some of your company's main accomplishments?

Our company has a very strong historical performance within the industry. We have continually improved our conversion yields and operational efficiencies and have made great strides through our research and trials.


What is your website?


What do you like about being a member of Growth Energy?

Western Plains Energy is a proud member of Growth Energy as we believe strongly in the leadership, commitment, and advocacy that Growth Energy provides both for our company and the industry.


Any other fun facts?

Western Plains Energy currently has 47 employees, which includes a small trucking firm that delivers co-products to our customers. We also use both corn and grain sorghum as a feedstock!

For more details, contact Vice President of Development Kelly Manning.


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