Raymond Defenbaugh is a founding member, president, CEO and chairman of Big River Resources, LLC with facilities in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.  He serves as president of Big River Resources Cooperative, board member of Absolute Energy, LLC, U.S. Grains Council director and Ethanol A-Team and Agri-Business Coalition for Foreign Market Development through the Grains Council, a National Grain and Feed Association member and has served on their board.  He is also president of the Illinois Renewable Fuels Association and a member of the Renewable Fuels Association Executive Committee.  In addition, Mr. Defenbaugh is director and vice president of the Urban Air Initiative and active in the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE).

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Check out our weekly #AmericanEthanol Performance Update! @austindillon3 snagged a #Top10 finish heading into this weekend's #NASCAR break, the @AELMT is back in action, plus we have a preview of some other exciting events on the horizon: https://t.co/zgccZMl4nq

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