Jim Leiting is Chief Executive Officer of Big River Resources, LLC. Leiting joined Big River Resources in March of 2005 as General Manager, served as Chief Operating Officer beginning in October of 2013 with appointment to Chief Executive Officer in February of 2020. Jim has been instrumental in leading the growth of Big River Resources from a single grass roots ethanol facility to four ethanol facilities and 6 grain facilities located in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. He is active in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin Renewable Fuels State organizations and participates as a Board member for Prime the Pump, Renewable Fuels Association and the Urban Air Initiative. Jim spent 22 year with Cargill, Inc., holding various management positions across the Midwest in Cargill’s Grain division. Leiting received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Iowa State University.

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Today, the DC Circuit held oral arguments on our case challenging EPA on #biofuel gallons lost to SREs and the secrecy of the SRE process. This is an important step forward in holding EPA accountable, and we're using every tool in our toolbox to do so. spglobal.com/platts/en/mark…

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"No other industry is in the same position to revitalize rural America in the wake of COVID, or rebuild agricultural supply chains that have been devastated." As the election nears, we're calling on leaders to stand with us and for a strong RFS to help us help our communities. https://t.co/vgBvj2Cy47

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Drivers choose E15 because it saves money, but also the environment. COVID-19 has brought attention to the quality of the air we breathe, and how ethanol can be a solution to reducing toxic emissions from gasoline. Watch and SHARE this new video on why. https://t.co/g7UzunsbWe

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This week's Kansans Fueling Kansas features Joe Kreutzer of Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy in Phillipsburg, KS. Listen to learn more about locally-made ethanol and then visit https://t.co/F9n52OuLh5 to learn where you can find an E15 fuel pump near you! https://t.co/GglCY1Ed8C

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