Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor submitted the following letter to the editor in response to an opinion piece in the LA Times by Carolyn Raffensperger and Sheri Deal-Tyne on carbon capture:

To the editor:

I was disappointed to read the guest column attacking low-carbon bioethanol and carbon capture. The evidence cited came from a report that was widely debunked by the nation’s top climate modelers, including Argonne National Lab. In reality, farm-based renewables are a potent weapon against climate change. Data from the California Air Resources Board show that biofuels have generated the majority of all LCFS carbon reductions. And just last month, the University of California-Riverside published another report illustrating how bioethanol cuts particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and smog-forming pollutants linked to health threats. Moreover, bioethanol plants have a long, effective history of carbon capture – in fact, chances are good that the food-grade CO2 in your soda was captured in a bioethanol tank. With sequestration, we can further reduce bioethanol’s lifecycle emissions, already 46 percent lower than gasoline. Regulators would be foolish to ignore California’s best options for decarbonizing liquid fuels that will be on the road for decades to come.

Emily Skor
Growth Energy
American Ethanol Supporters

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The First District is home to 10 of MN’s 18 ethanol plants. This #NCEW22, I proudly support the production of biofuels, which provide affordable, reliable energy that meets the needs of American families & businesses, while also reducing our reliance on foreign energy sources.

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#Biofuels support American energy security, create jobs throughout rural America, & reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 🎥 WATCH: @RepMMM is working to promote renewable energy sources like IA #biofuels to create a cleaner future.

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Ethanol & biodiesel are both American-made #Biofuels that can be locally-grown & help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Did you know? In 2021, the U.S. was a net exporter of biofuels, sending 800 million gallons to our allies. #NCEW22

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