WASHINGTON, D.C. – Growth Energy, the U.S. Grains Council, and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) welcome Canada’s finalized Clean Fuel Regulations, an initiative to reduce the lifecycle carbon intensity of fuel and energy used in Canada and achieve more than 20 million tons of annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The Canadian Clean Fuel Regulations will rely heavily on the use of low-carbon biofuels like ethanol. For example, the program has modeled compliance to include an average 15 percent ethanol (E15) in gasoline by 2030.

“We applaud Canada for finalizing its Clean Fuel Regulations and leading the globe in putting a plan in place to slash greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector through higher blends of biofuels,” the organizations said. “The Clean Fuel Regulations set Canada on a path toward better air quality, energy security, and carbon mitigation, all supported by rural communities, by setting the achievable goals of reducing more than 20 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions through their move to a 15 percent ethanol in all gasoline by 2030. The Clean Fuel Regulations stand as testimony to the powerful impact biofuels can and will have for Canada’s transportation future.”


In March 2021, Growth Energy, U.S. Grains Council, and RFA submitted comments to Environment and Climate Change Canada regarding its proposed regulation.


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#Biofuels support American energy security, create jobs throughout rural America, & reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 🎥 WATCH: @RepMMM is working to promote renewable energy sources like IA #biofuels to create a cleaner future. https://t.co/knROLkKSHu

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Ethanol & biodiesel are both American-made #Biofuels that can be locally-grown & help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Did you know? In 2021, the U.S. was a net exporter of biofuels, sending 800 million gallons to our allies. #NCEW22 https://t.co/2KzIaEf7uc

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This week is #CleanEnergyWeek, a reminder of the environmental benefits of low-carbon biofuels that are available today to reduce emissions of cars on the road. https://t.co/mcyKSjEXlF

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As the top producer of ethanol and biodiesel nationwide, Iowa is leading the way to make America energy independent again. This #CleanEnergyWeek, I am proud of the advancements we’ve made, & will continue to be a strong supporter of renewable energy like biofuels & wind energy. https://t.co/h6KxJ1TTrF

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